Elephants Jerald

Elephants Jerald - Charlotte debut with ISH at Heist. October 27

Elephants Jerald Sadie

Uploaded by Brian Carpneter on 2017-09-20.

Elephants Jerald doing a Thug

Uploaded by Brian Carpneter on 2017-09-20.

Fooling around with a Chuck Ragan tune " The Boat "

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Noodlin around with The Boat

Uploaded by Brian Carpneter on 2017-09-15.

Elephants Gerald covers Tomahawk( Mike Patton) God hates a Coward

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Elephants Jerald having fun with Sadie by Alkaline Trio

Cover of Alkaline Trio Sadie, we decided to cover the Hot Water Music version ,loosely, and like always we kind of throw our own flavor on it a bit.

Elephants Jerald Radio Hot Water Music Cover

Little cover of Hot Water Music's version of Radio by Alkaline Trio